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Just like most craft breweries, Glarus is also founded by home brewers who love the quality and variety of micro brewing. Once we saw and tried the plethora of tastes, colours and aromas that go with the different styles of beer, we knew there was no way back to the ordinary, bland pale lager which is swamping the market and thus robbing people of the right to taste something different.

Deyan Ivanov – Head Brewer

Deyan is the heart of “Glarus”. You will find him in the brewery or with clients at almost any time of the day or night. He is from Varna, one of the first home-brewers in Bulgaria and an ardent fan of the good beer and heavy rock.

Ivo and Rumbata – Investors

Again, hail originally from Varna. Together with Deyan are responsible for the overall strategic direction of the firm. Both are home brewers and perennial optimists who hope to change the world one glass of beer Glarus at a time. Most of the time they are on the road but when they do come back, they can’t wait to try the most recent freshly brewed beer

Pavel Stanchev – Manager Sales

Another one from Varna but currently living in Sofia. Pavel is responsible for sales and marketing with focus on supermarkets and the market in Sofia and Western Bulgaria.

Milen – Assistant Head Brewer

Milen has the utmost responsibility to create the Glarus beers. He prepares the ingredients, brews the beers and supervises the fermentation process.

Nasko – Head of packaging and warehouse

Nasko manages the final phase of beer production – the filling of kegs or bottles and storage. This is actually a tricky process which few can manage as well as him.

Mihael, Konstantin and Radoslav – Production Assistants

Our hardworking assistants help with the numerous different tasks along the production of beer and thus help ensure order and relative calmness in the otherwise hectic daily life in the brewery.

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