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Welcome to the site of the first in its kind independent microbrewery in Bulgaria "Glarus". We have called our brewery "Glarus" which is a local word for one of the seagulls found along the black sea coast. Just like the glarus we are strong willed, independent and a little bit adventurous, traveling far and wide to bring something back to our home base just outside the city of Varna. 

Our founders and the head brewer Deyan Ivanov all share a passion for good, quality craft beer which we hope to pass on to you, our customer. What we are starting is a revolution in all aspects of beer making. Here are just some of the highlights:

No more mass produced, bland lager which tastes the same regardless of the brand. Yes to ale – a different type of beer that allows so much more variety in taste.

No more beer pasteurization. Yes to the full spectrum of filtered and unfiltered beers. We are gentle on our beers and they repay us with wonderful character.

No more cheap adjuncts like rice and corn. Yes to the best ingredients sourced from the top malt and hops producers around the world including some from Bulgaria.

Our beers are inspired by the very best styles the world has to offer. We are starting with two great style examples from England but we promise there will be more to come. We are much indebted to our consultant, Giles Smeath of the Dorset Brewing Company ("DBC"), for his invaluable advise during the initial set up of the brewery and the formulation of the English style recipes.

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